Ticketless car parking at Marlborough Airport

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Ticketless car parking at Marlborough Airport

Marlborough Airport has introduced a new licence plate recognition system so people parking at the airport no longer need to use paper tickets to pay as they leave.

Marlborough Airport Operations and Safety Manager, Steve Holtum says the old ticket-based system was expensive and prone to error with people often losing or damaging their tickets.

“The new licence plate system, introduced on Tuesday 20 September, is a lot more user-friendly and provides a better experience for people parking at the airport,” he said.

“As people enter the carpark the new system will read the vehicle licence plate and the gate will open. At the completion of their stay, prior to leaving the carpark, drivers simply enter their license plate number into one of the parking machines and pay for their stay using cash or card. When leaving the carpark, the exit gate will recognise payment has been made and the barrier will lift automatically.”

“If customers forget to pay at one of the machines there is also an option to pay at the exit gate using paywave or credit card however no receipt will be issued,” he said.

Mr Holtum said while parking fees remain the same the new system also allows for 15 minutes free parking in the main carpark and part-day charging which will result in savings for some people.