Airport Charges and Conditions

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Airport Charges and Conditions

Information Requirements


The information is required by the fifth day of business of the following calendar month and will be as per the forms below or as otherwise advised.

The information requirements can be submitted by email using the PDF form below.

Schedule of Charges

Effective 1 July 2023


  1. Conditions of Use
  2. Dictionary and rules of interpretation
  3. Using our Facilities and Services
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Excluded Services
  6. Information we require before you use our facilities and services
  7. Flight schedule information
  8. Provision of information relating to charges
  9. Charges
  10. GST
  11. Late payments and no payments
  12. Information generally
  13. Airport closed or services unavailable
  14. Passenger processing facilities
  15. Ground handling
  16. Moving aircraft
  17. Breach of these Conditions of Use
  18. Liability and indemnities
  19. Warranties and conditions
  20. Insurance
  21. Miscellaneous

Aeronautical Conditions of Use

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