Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Aeronautical Conditions of Use

These conditions of use set out the terms and conditions under which you may use Marlborough Airport and the facilities and services at the airport.

Copyright - website

The content of this website is subject to Marlborough Airport Limited copyright protection unless otherwise stated. We authorise you to reproduce material from this website only:

  • Where reproducing material is necessary to perform a task associated with the website, such as printing an application form; or
  • For personal and non-commercial use.

The permission to reproduce material in this way is given with the provisos that, if it is disseminated to any third party:

  • Marlborough Airport Limited's copyright must be acknowledged; and
  • It must be reproduced accurately; and
  • It must not be presented in a misleading way.

The permission to print from this website does not extend to anything on the website that is the copyright of a third party. If you are in doubt you should contact us directly before reproducing the material.

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Marlborough Airport Limited has compiled the information in this website in good faith and endeavours to provide information that is as accurate and current as possible. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of information and do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by a website user in reliance on the information. If you are in any doubt or require confirmation of a specific piece of information, we encourage you to contact us directly before relying on the accuracy of the information.

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While we take appropriate protective steps, we cannot guarantee that files downloaded from this website will be free of viruses and therefore accept no liability for damage caused by such viruses.